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Introducing our specialty quality, fresh roasted Central American blend coffee, now available for purchase. This coffee is a carefully crafted blend of some of the finest coffee beans sourced from the lush, mountainous regions of Central America.


Our Central American blend coffee is made from a combination of Arabica beans sourced from Honduras, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. Each of these beans is grown in the ideal conditions of their respective regions, where the unique climate and soil conditions produce some of the world's best coffee beans. The beans are carefully handpicked by local farmers, ensuring only the highest quality beans are used in our coffee.


Once the beans are harvested, they are processed with care to remove any unwanted impurities and preserve their natural flavors. The beans are then roasted in small batches to bring out the unique characteristics of each bean. Our expert roasters carefully monitor the roasting process to ensure that the beans are roasted to perfection, resulting in a rich and flavorful coffee.

The result is a coffee with a medium acidity, medium body, and a balanced flavor profile that includes notes of chocolate, caramel, and citrus. This coffee is perfect for those who enjoy a well-rounded and flavorful cup of coffee, with a subtle sweetness and a clean finish.


Our Central American blend coffee is available in whole bean form, so you can grind the beans to your desired consistency and enjoy the freshest cup of coffee possible. We recommend brewing this coffee using a French press, pour-over, or drip coffee maker to fully appreciate its flavor and aroma.


Order your bag of specialty quality, fresh roasted Central American blend coffee today and experience the taste of Central America in every cup

Titan Central American Blend

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